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6 Different Brand , Specially designed For You Family And Kid. Curabitur donec nisl ante luctus donec pellentesque class sollicitudin lectus. Curabitur donec nisl ante luctus donec pellentesque class sollicitudin lectus.


Mollyfantasy is a world full of laughter, fun and excitement for families that provide a safe indoor entertainment centre originating from Japan. To date, over 613 Mollyfantasy outlets have been launched in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Malaysia.


FANTAZIA is a fun and safe indoor entertainment focus on young adults. This is the first young adults concept store in Malaysia located at AEON Kulaijaya, Johor Bahru. We only have 3 outlets for FANTAZIA. It located on these 3 regions, Southern Northern and Sarawak.


PALO is an exciting entertainment centre specially designed for the whole family. A comfortable entertainment centre, which provides the latest gaming machines suitable for all ages, from teenagers and young adults to family. At this moment, PALO only have 9 outlets across the Malaysia.


"Kidzooona is an all-you-can-play discovery learning centre. Our hands-on concept was adopted from Japan and provides a unique educational play experience for children. Children can participate in fun games such as the slider, air bouncer, ball-pool, and paper town. Our motivation is to create an environment where learning, socializing and becoming physically active comes naturally."

Kid’s Box

Kid’s Box is an all-new store by Aeon Fantasy, which is derived from the kidzooona concept pioneered in Japan. Kid’s Box provides great playtime for children with exciting toys, game machines, and play equipment. It provides quality and memorable moments within the confines of a well-crafted space.


Let the magic of play inspire your future! Did you know that there is magic in play?FANPEKKA is a world with such magical charm. Playing at FANPEKKA encourages a child’s curiosity and cognition, nurturing their “zest for living”. FANPEKKA also inspires adults, that life is a journey of discovery. A day at FANPEKKA promises magical moments that are new and meaningful for the entire family. Let the magic of play inspire you and your child’s future.

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