Taska Cinta Bestari Kindergarten Visit

DATE : 9 Dec 2015
VENUE : Kidzooona Taiping

On the 9th of December 2015, Kidzooona Taiping was visited by 30 students and 4 teachers from Tadika Cinta Bestari, Nibong Tebal, Penang. They arrived at 1.30PM, we managed to conduct 3 activities for them, such as dot to dot, balloon sculpting and Lala dance.

  1. Dot to dot activity


  1. Lala Dance & Balloon Sculpting


They enjoyed themselves and were really excited during the activities. Then we brought Lala as a special activity with them. We managed to do the Lala dance together with them. They were so excited when they saw the cute Lala dance in front of them. Their visit ended at 3.30PM.


This visit was booked since November by Pn Norsuhada. They come from Penang to visit Kidzooona Taiping. Pn Suhada was very satified with the service that we gave to them. It is the best place to play outdoor activities with kids. Besides they can play and also learn something new.

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