Tadika/Taska Generasi Cerdas Kindergarten Visit

DATE : 10 Dec 2015
VENUE : Molly Fantasy Melaka

On 10/12/2015, Tadika/Taska Generasi Cerdas had organized a kindegarten visit at Molly Fantasy Melaka Ayer Keroh. The Principal Pn Hasimah Husni and 4 teachers were very excited to bring the children to experience the joy of playing here. Around 65 children participated. We started the event with a Lala dance. The children were very excited with the Lala performance. Lala once again appeared and danced together with the children. After that, their teacher brought them to play outside at the WaiWai Park.They were very happy and excited to play with our kiddy machines. Last but not least, we had a photo session.


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