Kindergarten Visit From Tadika Addin

DATE : 2nd June 2016
VENUE : Kidzooona Ipoh Station 18

On 2nd June 2016 our outlet Kidzooona Ipoh Station 18 was excited to receive a visit from Tadika Addin, Ipoh. Around 28 children already joined this event. Event started at 10am-12pm. Firstly our team conducts this event
with Mascot appearance. All children were so happy to see our mascot, Lala. They were together with our team dancing with Lala. After that, our team also distribute balloon and coupon to all children. Then, they also took this opportunity to take a photo with Lala. All the children were happy during the event.


1.Dancing With Lala:

  1. All children together with staff dancing with Lala. They really enjoyed and happy while dancing with Lala.
  2. 30.5.2016(1)

    2.Balloon giveaway:

  3. All children were really excited during receiving balloon from our team
  4. 30.5.2016(2)

    3.Photography Session:

  5. After that continue with photography session with our Mascot, Lala. All teacher and children take this
    opportunity to take a photo with Lala.
  6. 30.5.2016(3)


This is a good event because we manage to bring joy and a colorful environment in this event. Our team also received many compliments regarding this event at our outlet. We’re happy to be a part of the excitement of the event and also hoped by this activity we could welcome more children to visit our store and have more fun there.

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