Graduation’s Day Tadika Tunas Elit

DATE : 2 December 2017
VENUE : Dewan Politeknik Bahiyyah Kulim, Kedah

On 2nd December 2017, Mollyfantasy Bukit Mertajam had a visit from Tadika Tunas Elit for their Graduation’s Day Kindergarten students. Our team started with Lala appearance. Then, we continue with ballons giveaway and photography session. All the children were happy during this event. Ending this event, Miss Azizah gave certificate of appreciation to us as a sign of memories that we had shared with them. We glad that Tadika Tunas Elit had choosen us for their Graduation’s Day. We hoped to do this again in the future! Thank you for having a wonderful time with us!


Balloon Giveaway


Photography & Certificate of appreciation giving session


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