Graduation Day Tadika Cahayaku

DATE : 21 November 2015
VENUE : Orient Star Hotel Lumut

Tadika Cahayaku Graduation Day on 21st November were started at 9am, and were joined by 100 children. Event were colorful with Children’s performances, followed by prize giving ceremony and certificate for the graduated 6 year old students. We were also give the graduating children with certificate and coupons. They were all happy and excited. The event were more merrier with Lala appearance and audiences especially the children excitedly followed along dancing with Lala and crews. We then continue the excitement by giving away balloons to the children. The teachers and the children with their parents were so excited and happy that we joined their event.

1. Lala Dance
Graduation Day Tadika Cahayaku1

2. Balloon Giveaway
Graduation Day Tadika Cahayaku2

“Graduation Day is the right platform for us to make people recognize us and create an unforgettable good memories for all the children involved. Create a smile for others and fun in the hope that they will continuously remember us and will come to visit us at our store. For the young boys and girls whom graduated today and were celebrated, congratulations and hope many more success on your life ahead.CONGRATULATIONS and Good Luck!

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