Aliyyah Islamic’s Kindergarten Kindergarten Konvo Review

DATE : 22 November 2015
VENUE : Aliyyah Islamic’s Kindergarten

On 22/11/2016, we were invited by Puan Rohaya join them at Aliyyah Islamic’s Kindergarten. We arrived at 9 o’clock. The convocation started at 8AM and finished at 12PM. When we arrived, we were welcomed by them. The situation was so rousing. We enjoyed their performance like zapin, boria, nasyid, story telling and pop yeh-yeh. At 11.30AM, we were prepared to get ready to present Lala-Chan. Lala was greeted by the children and parents. The best part was when Lala was on the stage, the children shouted Lala’s name. The performance was conducted by the emcee. We chose the ‘Pata-Pata’song. After the song, we started to dance. The situation became much happier because all the children was dancing together with us on the stage. After the dance, we had photo sessions with them and dismissed ourselves. We hope with this event, we will make more customers come to our store and they know Lala-Chan and Molly Fantasy. The most important thing was to bring a smile on their faces.

Aliyyah Islamic's Kindergarten Kindergarten Konvo Review

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