AEO Visited Program Citarasa Malaysia

DATE : 21 November 2015
VENUE : Ground Floor,S of AEON MALL

On 21st November 2015, AEO went to Program Citarasa Malaysia at the South Court Aeon Mall Bukit Mertajam in collaboration with MTJ and KZMTJ. Aeo greeted his new friends and took photos together. Aeo also gave balloons and coupons as appreciation to his fans and they can redeem either at Molly Fantasy or Kidzooona. Most of the customers got excited when they saw AEO.

AEO Visited Program Citarasa Malaysia1
1. AEO appearance

AEO Visited Program Citarasa Malaysia2
2. Balloons & Coupons Giveaway

The kids and adults got excited by the appearance of AEO, whether just to shake his hand, hug or take a photo. All of them seem very happy and enjoyed themselves.

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