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Managing Director
Jeslyn Chan

Greetings to everyone!

During my teenage time, I used to go to a learning centre nearby my secondary school to help the children in studies, and be their playmates. Their parents hardly ever had time for these children due to the busy schedule at work. After spending time with them and before I signalled to leave the place, they held my hands and asked innocently, ‘will you come again?’ That simple question touched my heart and I told myself I should come back to spend time with them. Then I answered, ‘yes, I will come twice a week and we can read and play together’. They were grinning from ear to ear when they heard my response.

Till today, it was an unforgettable moment for me, and I always think of what I can do for the children. Now, I am glad that the company has given me the opportunity to continue bringing happiness to the children.

Nowadays parents are very engaged with their smartphones or other gadgets, it is either for games or work. Most often than not, the parents would pass the gadgets to their children too, so that the parents could do their own things. This has led to less communication between the parents and their children.

Why not we try to stay away from our gadgets and have bonding time with our children? Let’s spend some quality time with the little ones at kidzooona playground or FANPEKKA. Swim in the ballpool, build something together, have exciting cooking and shopping at role-play corner where you can participate our events together with your children.

You can bring your children to play bowling, ride on the kiddy fun rides, and shoot some monsters at Mollyfantasy. You and your children can build closer and stronger bonding through the time spent together.

Apart from the facilities, we do have many CSR programs to help the less fortunate children. Our aim is to bring smile to the children and get them to have some fun time at our playground.

AEON Fantasy has been established since 2011. Thank you for your continuous support throughout these years. We have implemented card system for the convenience of customers, brought in fun machines and new toys at the playground for the children, and renovated the interior design. Our promise to you is to keep improving our services, TOGETHER WE BRING JOY TO THE CHILDREN!

Thank you.char