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Chong Swee Ying


AEON Fantasy Malaysia New Year Message


Greetings wonderful people of Malaysia!


It’s another New Year and we are ready to embark on a new, fun adventure to make all children, teenagers and even adults, happy in AeonFantasy! For the past seven years, we have enjoyed helping children’s who is in need, collecting children’s laughter and joy. We strive to grow bigger and give the best experience to our customers.


There are various games and activities offered in our indoor parks which include carnival machines like basketball and air hockey, simulation games such as shooting games, car racing, dancing games, card game machine, and we also have an indoor playground for kids to play such as down town, ball pool, cyber wheel, toy corner and more! These activities will sure help to stimulate children’s brain, psychical strength, social and at the same time help them to break sweats in enjoyable ways!


Our FANPEKKA, situated in AEON Mall Tebrau City, Johor Bahru, Johor offer a new definition to ‘fun’. It is a whimsical, magical town whereby children could live a day of fantasy and be whoever and whatever they wanted to be. They could be princesses, firemen, carpenters, house-builders, florists and others. FANPEKKA brings a Finnish method learning through play, while enjoying their lovely time playing together with family members they as well learn something.


Here to another blessed year of entertaining you and guaranteeing that you come home with an enormous smile on your face, each time that you pay us a visit!