Kindergarten Visit Tabika Perpaduan Taman Sukun

DATE : 25th August 2016
VENUE : kidzooona Bukit Mertajam

On 25th August 2016, kidzooona Bukit Mertajam was visited by Tabika Perpaduan Taman Sukun. They arrived at 10.30am, we managed to conduct 3 activities. First, we do Lala Dance. The children were so happy to dance together. Second, activity is we do sculpture balloon. From this activity, they learn to make balloon by their own. Last, is colouring session. After that, they had fun playing inside ball pool with friends and teachers. The visit ends at 12.30pm.


1) Lala Dance



2) Sculpture Balloon



3) Colouring



4) Photo Session


The children were excited and happy when they meet Lala and snap photo together. Ms.Rohana feels satisfied with the activity, we hope to have this kind of activity again in the future

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