• National Day Winners [tmb]-01 National Day Contest Winners (9/20/2017)

    National Day Contest Winners!

    Information :

    Congratulations To All Winners!

    • Kindly Message us at Facebook Inbox to redeem your prize!
    • Kindly provide your details such as Name, Address &
    • Redeemable until 31 October 2017 Only

  • homepage-september kidzooona Weekday Pass for Perak Outlet (9/11/2017)

    kidzooona Weekday Pass for Perak Outlet

    Information :

    Weekday Pass for Perak Outlet

    • 10 Entries Weekday pass RM80
    • Valid at kidzooona AEON MALL Ipoh Kinta City, AEON Ipoh 18 & AEON MALL Klebang
    • Valid on weekdays only / Not valid for School Holiday / Public Holiday
    • After 10 entries customer will receive FREE 1 admission & Lala Plush Toy
  • homepage-Sept MFQB Renovation (8/4/2017)

    Mollyfantasy AEON Queensbay Renovation

    Information :

    Renovation start 21/08/2017
    Renovation end 12/10/2017

    • We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for your loyal patronage and support over the years.

  • homepage January Tsum Tsum (7/25/2017)

    Tsum Tsum

    Information :

    New Arrival Machine!

    • Available at AEON MALL Taman Maluri, AEON MALL Metro Prima, AEON MALL Shah Alam, AEON MALL Bukit Tinggi, AEON MALL Bandaraya Melaka, Ipoh Prade, AEON MALL Tebrau City, Johor Bahru City Square, AEON MALL Cheras Selatan & Midvalley
    • Guide to play click here
  • homepage-June-2017 Lala Plush Toy (7/6/2017)

    Lala Plush Toy

    Information :

    Now Available!

    • Get your Lala Plush Toy Now! RM19.90 each
    • Available at all Mollyfantasy & kidzooona

  • e-coupon_May 2017-02 E-Coupon (6/30/2017)

    e-Coupon Promotion

    Information :

    Valid till 31 December 2017

    • FREE entry for Birthday Kid


  • e-coupon_May 2017-01 E-Coupon (6/30/2017)

    e-Coupon Promotion

    Information :

    Valid till 31 December 2017

    • Buy 25 Tokens/Credits Get RM5 Gift Voucher


  • homepage June 2017-01 FANPEKKA Spend & Donate (6/20/2017)

    FANPEKKA Spend & Donate

    Information :

    June-28 Oct 2017

    • Every purchase of 1 child admission ticket to FANPEKKA, a customer can buy another 1 child admission ticket to be donated to Orang Asli child.
      In return, they will receive FREE 1 child admission pass to attend the donation ceremony on 28 Oct 2017.

  • homepage June 2017-02 FANPEKKA Passport Coupon (6/14/2017)

    FANPEKKA Passport Coupon

    Information :

    Grab it now!!

    • Our FANPEKKA passport coupon is here!!
  • homepage June 2017-01 Passport Coupon kidzooona (6/14/2017)

    Passport Coupon kidzooona

    Information :

    Grab it now!!

    • Our kidzooona passport coupon is here!!
    • Not applicable at kidzooona AEON MALL Seremban 2 & Kinta City
    • Lala Plush Toys available to purchase soon
  • 29 April 2017-01 Photo Machine Promotion (4/27/2017)

    Photo Machine Promotion

    Information :

    * Effective 29 April 2017 valid while POP is displayed

    • Listed Photo Machine change to RM10
    • * While Stock last
  • homepage January 1-10 FANPEKKA Happy Hour (1/19/2017)

    FANPEKKA Happy Hour

    Information :

    From 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm
    Monday Till Thursday Only

    • Terms & Conditions
    • Applicable for children only
    • Adults fee will be charges as normal price
    • Applicable from Monday till Thursday Only
    • Not applicable on Public Holiday & School Holiday

  • homepage January-09 FANPEKKA DAY PASS (1/19/2017)

    Day Pass

    Information :

    Limited Time Offer
    Monday Till Thursday Only

    • Get our special offer now!
    • Available at AEON MALL Tebrau City, Johor Bahru, Johor

  • homepage January-02 Thank you day (1/12/2017)

    Thank You Day Special

    Information :

    Every 21st of Each Month

    • Buy RM30 Get RM5 Gift Voucher Mollyfantasy
    • RM2 Off kidzooona Entry
    • Available at all Mollyfantasy, kidzooona AEON Taiping & FANTAZIA

  • homepage January-03 Infant’s Special (1/12/2017)

    Infant’s Special

    Information :
    • Free entry to Wai Wai Park or kidzooona
    • Please bring along any of these documents
    • My Kids Card
    • Birth Certificate
    • Medical Report Book
    • Passport (Foreigner)

  • homepage-august-9 Molly Fantasy Birthday Party Special Offer! (8/9/2016)

    Molly Fantasy Birthday Party Special Offer!

    Information :

    Available at Mollyfantasy Atria Damansara & Main Place, Subang Jaya Only.

    • We are giving a special offer for Birthday Party celebration! Limited time only!!
      Applicable for all days except Public Holiday and first come first serve basis.
    • Terms & Conditions Apply.

  • 22-4-16-ballpool-banner Ball Pool Sanitized (4/19/2016)

    Ball Pool Sanitized

    Information :
    • For hygiene purpose, Our ball pools will be sanitized WEEKLY
    • Peace of mind for parents
      safety and health concern for children’s taken care of
    • decontamination service takes care of all harmful bacteria from children
      thorough cleaning not only dirt that can be spotted by normal vision but also eliminates harmful bacteria

  • 18-4-16 Special Group Privileges 2 banner Special Group Privileges (4/18/2016)

    Special Group Privileges


    • Eligible to card holders, you will get special group privileges. Enjoy these discount opportunities
  • 11-4-16 Popular banner POPULAR Card Member Promo (4/12/2016)

    POPULAR Card Member Promo


    From 1st April – 30th March 2017

    • Molly Fantasy : Buy 30 tokens/credits GET 35 tokens/credits
    • Kidzooona : RM2 OFF Kidzooona entry, RM2 OFF Birthday Party per pax
    • POPULAR card members are only entitled to redeem these opportunities during their birthday month only
  • Molly Fantasy Gift Vouchers Gift Voucher Info (11/23/2015)

    Gift Vouchers

    Information :
      • From 16th November 2015 onwards we are selling gift vouchers worth RM5 & RM10 for you to give them to your love ones
    • Available at all Molly Fantasy & Kidzooona AEON Taiping
  • kidzooon free wifi-01 free wifi (6/16/2015)

    Free Wifi

    Location :

    Available at All Kidzooona outlets.

    Information :
    • Free Wifi for everyone