• homepage March-02 Closing Outlets (3/9/2017)

    Closing Outlets

    Information :

    BDC Closing

    • Your extra tokens/credits can be used on our other Mollyfantasy outlets
    • Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
    • Thank you to everyone who supported us.

  • e-coupon_September E-Coupon (3/1/2017)

    e-Coupon Promotion

    Information :

    From 1 March 2017 – 30 April 2017

    • FREE entry for Birthday Kid


  • e-coupon_September E-Coupon (3/1/2017)

    e-Coupon Promotion

    Information :

    From 1 March 2017 – 30 April 2017

    • RM10 OFF FANPEKKA Child Admission Fee


  • e-coupon_September E-Coupon (3/1/2017)

    e-Coupon Promotion

    Information :

    From 1 March 2017 – 30 April 2017

    • Buy 20 Tokens/Credits Get RM5 Gift Voucher


  • homepage January 1-10 FANPEKKA Happy Hour (1/19/2017)

    FANPEKKA Happy Hour

    Information :

    From 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm
    Monday Till Thursday Only

    • Terms & Conditions
    • Applicable for children only
    • Adults fee will be charges as normal price
    • Applicable from Monday till Thursday Only
    • Not applicable on Public Holiday & School Holiday

  • homepage January-09 FANPEKKA DAY PASS (1/19/2017)

    Day Pass

    Information :

    Limited Time Offer
    Monday Till Thursday Only

    • Available at AEON MALL Tebrau City, Johor Bahru, Johor

  • homepage-January Card system conversion (1/16/2017)

    Card system conversion

    Information :

    * Effective from 16 February 2017
    * Mollyfantasy AEON BiG Subang Jaya

    • Dear valued customer, we would like to inform you that our system will be changed from credit to token.
    • Thank you, sorry for the inconvenience caused

  • homepage January-02 Thank you day (1/12/2017)

    Thank You Day Special

    Information :

    Every 21st of Each Month

    • Buy RM30 Get RM5 Gift Voucher Mollyfantasy
    • RM2 Off kidzooona Entry
    • Available at all Mollyfantasy, kidzooona AEON Taiping & FANTAZIA

  • homepage January-03 Infant’s Special (1/12/2017)

    Infant’s Special

    Information :
    • Free entry to Wai Wai Park or kidzooona
    • Please bring along any of these documents
    • My Kids Card
    • Birth Certificate
    • Medical Report Book
    • Passport (Foreigner)

  • homepage-january-03 Passport Coupon (1/2/2017)

    Passport Coupon

    Information :

    Grab it now!!

    • Our FANPEKKA & kidzooona passport coupon is here!!
  • homepage-august-9 Molly Fantasy Birthday Party Special Offer! (8/9/2016)

    Molly Fantasy Birthday Party Special Offer!

    Information :

    Available at Molly Fantasy Atria Damansara & Main Place, Subang Jaya Only.

    • We are giving a special offer for Birthday Party celebration! Limited time only!!
      Applicable for all days except Public Holiday and first come first serve basis.
    • Terms & Conditions Apply.

  • Kidzooona Socks 1st June 2016 Kidzooona Compulsory to Wear Socks (5/8/2016)

    Kidzooona Compulsory to Wear Socks

    Information :

    From 1st June 2016 onwards

      • Applicable at all Kidzooona outlets nationwide


  • 22-4-16-ballpool-banner Ball Pool Sanitized (4/19/2016)

    Ball Pool Sanitized

    Information :
    • For hygiene purpose, Our ball pools will be sanitized WEEKLY
    • Peace of mind for parents
      safety and health concern for children’s taken care of
    • decontamination service takes care of all harmful bacteria from children
      thorough cleaning not only dirt that can be spotted by normal vision but also eliminates harmful bacteria

  • 18-4-16 Special Group Privileges 2 banner Special Group Privileges (4/18/2016)

    Special Group Privileges


    • Eligible to card holders, you will get special group privileges. Enjoy these discount opportunities
  • 11-4-16 Popular banner POPULAR Card Member Promo (4/12/2016)

    POPULAR Card Member Promo


    From 1st April – 30th March 2017

    • Molly Fantasy : Buy 30 tokens/credits GET 35 tokens/credits
    • Kidzooona : RM2 OFF Kidzooona entry, RM2 OFF Birthday Party per pax
    • POPULAR card members are only entitled to redeem these opportunities during their birthday month only
  • Molly Fantasy Gift Vouchers Gift Voucher Info (11/23/2015)

    Gift Vouchers

    Information :
      • From 16th November 2015 onwards we are selling gift vouchers worth RM5 & RM10 for you to give them to your love ones
    • Available at all Molly Fantasy & Kidzooona AEON Taiping
  • kidzooon free wifi-01 free wifi (6/16/2015)

    Free Wifi

    Location :

    Available at All Kidzooona outlets.

    Information :
    • Free Wifi for everyone